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Wearable Airbag Systems

As we humans age with time, our physical bodies progressively gets more prone to injuires that are most commonly caused by incidents from falls and unexpected dropping to the floor. While the level of sensitivity to fall related bone fractures and internal injuires greatly vary depending on pre-existing conditions, the summerized average risk of fall-related accidents is high and progressing to rise.

To greatly reduce the risk of such accidents, Helite Technology Expert and various other companies have started to develop a product that years later  hav been published officially and its main goal is to make a big impact in people's lifes not only in their health and safety but also well-being and quality of life.


Helite's product is called "Hip'Guard" which is a lightweight circular belt-like device that can be comfortably worn on the hips and will provide all-day protection in any situation where there is a likelyhood of a fall.


It has got various internal sensors that permanently measure the angle of the body, the system's rotation and the amount, speed and duration of accelerations of the user's body to actively make realtime calculations and determine if there is a risk of a fall or not.

Various studies such as the tests conducted by the grenobl university in franche has shown in over 843 tests that the system can clearly recognise a real fall apart from daily activites such as walking up and down a staircase, run forth and back, jump, sit down on the bed at various speeds as well as laying down in the bed and getting back up without an inflation.


The S30 Airbag System is one of the world's first full body solution for providing large airbag protection in a efficient manner while ensuring a comfortable fit during the daily use - It contains a high quality internal chipset with special sensors to detect the users motion with a high precision and the highly advanced algorythms within the optimised software ensures a very high quality detection rate as well as effective differentiation between daily activites such as walking, going up and down a set of stairs, jumping, crouching as well as sitting and laying down on a bed without inflation while in a real fall; the system will activate and protect the user effectively.



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