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The airbag systems from Helite that use an electronic detection and trigger system are required to have full time GPS - The reason for that is the integrated detection method which uses a combination of GPS, gyroscopic sensors, accelerometers and more together with an sophisticated algorythm to detect the instance of a real fall while riding your bike.


How does the Helite
Zip'In System work ?



The Helite Zip'In Airbag collection works different than a normal Helite Airnest. This system uses an inner Airbag with a outer shell wich you can change to any other Zip'in shell. For example if you have the Airshell Gilet and want to change the jacket to the Airshell Blouson, simply take your Airbag out of this jacket shell and put it into the other jacket.
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How do you change the catridge after a Helite Vest has inflated ?



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How much time and force does it need to Inflate and how long does it take to deflate the airbag ?



  • 15-30 Kg force to inflate

  • 250 MB of pressure

  • Under 0,094 sec. inflation time

  • Stays inflated for 5-7 Min, instand deflation by removing cartridge

  • Does the algorythm of the electronic airbag system products require GPS to operate?
    Yes - Helite products using an electronic system require a GPS connection together with it's inbuilt gyroscope and accelerometer to be fully operational.
  • If i fall on the CO2 canister is it going to hurt?
    No, the airbag inflates between the body and the canister. Moreover a foam rubber pad and an ABS pad keep the bottle even further from your body. The gas contained in the cartridge is only CO2 gas, known for extinguishing fires, it is totally harmless.
  • Can i move and roll in a Helite Airbag when it's inflated?
    Yes, you can roll and move as you still have full movement of your arms and legs. We have done extensive testing with riders and have thousands of real falls to confirm our testing. We specifically leave space in the front of your upper chest for you to bring the chin down, which is the first thing to do when you fall from the front and need to roll.
  • Can you breathe when the Helite airbag is inflated?
    The airbag doesn’t keep you from breathing. Our adult airbag version inflates very quickly and tight on the upper-body so you will get a nice bear-hug and this tightness will significantly minimize over-extension and bending of the upper-body. The adrenaline due to the fall will naturally make you hold your breath, but it doesn't have anything to do with the airbag itself.
  • How do i check my airbag on a annual basis?
    To guarantee the good functioning of your rider air vest, make an annual check: 1. Unscrew the cartridge and weigh it on a scale to make sure the CO2 gas hasn’t escaped. 2. Open the trigger system (using the Allen-key) wipe dust off the components and check for rust or corrosion. Please contact us if any component needs replacement.
  • What is the lifespan of a CO2 canister?
    The gas-canister is of single use. Once the airbag has inflated the cartridge must be replaced with a new cartridge of the same capacity. The warranty on an unused CO2 canister is 10 years. Please unscrew your cartridge annually and check the weight. Replace the canister if the weight has fallen significantly or there is rust or other deterioration. The cartridge should be stored in temperatures below 45°C. Do not leave full cartridges in the car in high temperatures for example.
  • Can i wear the Helite Zip'In Airbag alone?
    No, you musn’t wear the Zip’in airbag alone. You have to combine it with a compatible Zip’in outer (Helite, Dada Sport, Oscar & Gabrielle).
  • Can i wear the Helite Zip'In Airbag under my clothes?
    No, you musn’t wear the Zip’in airbag under any clothes or any jackets. An equestrian clothing over the Zip’in airbag can obstruct the normal deployment of the airbag and slow down the time of inflation. You have to combine it with a compatible Zip’in outer (Helite, Dada Sport, Oscar & Gabrielle).
  • How to choose the size of the Helite Zip'In Airbag and the outer? (Gilet, Blouson, Presige)"
    At first, choose the size of your Zip’in airbag following our size chart. According to your measurements, several sizes can fit you. So, you just have to take your favourite size depending on your feeling (closefitting or large cut). Caution, you mustn’t wear Helite airbag if you weigh less than 35kg. We advise you to never use a smaller size than recommended. Once your choice is made, you always have to keep the same size, for example a Zip’in airbag size M must always be combined with a compatible outer size M.
  • Can i wash the Helite Zip'In Airbag?
    You musn’t wash your Zip’in airbag in a washing machine or by immersing it in water. We recommend you to clean it with a soft cloth and soapy water or with babywipes (no detergent, products may alter the fabric). Never put your Zip’in airbag in the tumble drier, on the heater or next to a heat source. When your airbag is clean, store it in a dry place away from moisture.
  • Can the airbag activate itself automatically? What happens if i forget to detach myself?
    Helite airbags are mechanical to avoid unexpected airbag activation. Accidental deployments are rare. The tractive force required to activate the airbag is between 20 and 30 kg depending on the size. If a rider forgets to detach from his horse, he will feel a strong tension on his jacket before the airbag is triggered. As the car belt, clip and unclip the saddle strap will quickly become a habit.
  • Are the Helite Airbags reusable?
    Yes, as long as the airbag is in good condition (no holes, tears) you can re-use it. Easy to do, you can reset the system yourself in 2 minutes, without sending your vest back to Helite. It is only necessary to replace the CO2 cartridge with a new one, available at all Helite dealers worldwide. Please, check the size of the airbag when replacing cartridges.
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