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Leather Airbag Jacket by Helite

The highest level of safety without sacrificing style.

This 100% full-grain 1.3 mm black buffalo leather jacket is equipped with Helite's revolutionary airbag technology, which absorbs the impact endured by a rider's upper body and ensures effective dispersion of energy and force.


It now has the CO2-Cartridge designed into the jacket making it a more streamlined look.



Airbag System

When activated, the patented design of the airbag offers rigid support for the head and neck to reduce the risk of a traumatic brain injury.

The head and spine will stay fixed in a natural upright position so that neck vertebras cannot be injured by hyperflexion.

The black or brown Roadster leather jacket is also equipped with a SAS-TEC level 2 back protector which acts like a turtle hard shell. The result is increased protection against small objects and full disbursement of force a