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Airshell Jackets by Helite

The Airshell Range by Helite combines safety, comfort and style. The technical ‘Tekseries’ fabric is windproof, shower-proof and the stretch allows for outward expansion. The Blouson is frequently used as a stand-alone show jacket, for breaking in young horses, out hunting or hacking and just generally a great option for ‘every-day’ use. The Blouson has been approved by British Dressage and British Showjumping for use in the ring as well as by British Eventing for use in the showjumping and dressage phases of competition.


Airbag System

The Blouson Airbag Jacket comes with integrated Helite Zip'In Airbag. You can pull this vest out of the box and use it. But we also sell the Airshell jackets alone so you can swap the look of your airbag system. The Helite Blouson Equestrian Airbag uses the same airbag and multi-directional trigger system as over 80,000 air jackets already in use
across the world.


More Information to the Helite Zip'In system Here.




The very light technical fabric 'Tekseries' has stretch fabric wich allows tight fitting while providing unrestricted movement.

This material is also:


  • Windproof
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Insulated



CO2 Cartridge

The size of the CO2 canister is proportional to the size of the airbag. The canister is the only component

that needs to be replaced after inflation of your air vest.

An additional protective PVC Plate and foam is placed

behind the canister so that it cannot injure the rider.


Fitting Instructions

The Blouson Airbag Jacket should fit exactly the same as any other Airbag as the product is designed to expand outwards on activation. You may consider upsizing this product by one size as we find the French sizing to come up a little smaller than we are used to here in Australia. The jacket can be adjusted accordingly using the various velcro straps.



Every Blouson Airbag Jacket comes with a canister and lanyard attached – extra lanyards, canisters or interchangeable jacket outers can bought separately.




Disclaimer - Airbag Systems Australia

Airbag Systems Australia PTY LTD with the ABN 88632363921 assumes no product liability for personal injury or property damage that may result from the use of HELITE AIRBAG TECHNOLOGY.


Disclaimer - Helite France Manufacturer

Visit our Disclaimer Site for the original Disclaimer, warranty and storage from the original manufacturer Helite in France.

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