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This CO2 Airbag canister is used in the Helite Airbag systems and is compatible with the following airbags from Helite;



For Motorcyclists:

  • Helite GP-Air Airbag
  • Helite Airjacket Airbag
  • Helite Turtle 2 Airbag
  • Helite Custom Airbag
  • Helite Roadster 2 Airbag
  • Helite Xena Airbag
  • Helite Touring 2 Airbag
  • Helite Vented 2 Airbag



For Equestrians:

  • Helite Airshell Zip'In Airbag
  • Helite Airjacket Airbag
  • Helite Gilet Airbag
  • Helite Prestige Airbag
  • Helite Blouson Airbag
  • Helite Airshow Airbag
  • Helite AirJump Airbag


These canisters are available in different sizes according to the size of your airbag vest.



Disclaimer - Airbag Systems Australia

Airbag Systems Australia PTY LTD with the ABN 88632363921 assumes no product liability for personal injury or property damage that may result from the use of HELITE AIRBAG TECHNOLOGY.


Disclaimer - Helite France Manufacturer

Visit our Disclaimer Site for the original Disclaimer, warranty and storage from the original manufacturer Helite in France.

Helite Airbag CO2 Canister

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